Point Pleasant: The Legend of The Mothman is a sensory experience. Music, light, sound and puppetry create a theater experience that is as strange & disorienting as it is beautiful. It tells the “true” story of an ordinary small town where the extraordinary is ushered in on the wings of a creature with glowing red eyes, dubbed the “Mothman” by local papers. It terrorized the town for a year that would not only be marked by the arrival of the creature, but a rash of other strange occurrences that would bring mass hysteria and ultimately end in a historic tragedy that gripped the nation.

In Point Pleasant, The Legend of the Mothman we deal with historical events of a specific time and place focusing mostly on the dark mood and shadow cast on the town by a year’s worth of befuddling events. The piece basks in the reality that witnesses claimed they experienced through a lens colored by their fears and confusion. The undertaking of this piece is colossal. If you are an enthusiast for new chamber music, new puppet theatre or avant grade horror this show is a must see. The combination of these elements creates a story telling language that takes the audience member to an altered state of understanding of what the citizens of this town actually went through in a way that straight theatre could probably not achieve. The sense of danger and eminent calamity with odd moments of tenderness and serenity is explained in a more primal way with live music, light and esthetics.  While there is some spoken language peppered throughout the piece, it is largely a fusion of live music, visual art and multiple types of puppetry creating a somewhat macabre ballet.