Technically it was un-doubtfully a brilliant performance, which gave the audience a feeling of being witnesses to a live horror movie shoot.
— Maria P. Heger from Lofot-Tidende
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Meeting With a Myth (English translation from article picture above)
Theater goers in Lofoten got a special meeting this weekend, with one of the
scaryist myths in our time. The terrifying Mothman are known to give warnings
about disasters; in this occasion, he had flown all the way from USA to
Stamsund to make his story known. Theatre premiere “Point Pleasant” at Figurteatret in Stamsund Friday May 13. Produced by The Unitards in collaboration with Figurteatret i Nordland.
Audience: approx. 50 (Full house)

In 1966 for the first time made there were written reports of a big unidentified creature in the small town Point Pleasant in West Virginia, USA. People who experienced the phenomenon told of a creature with red eyes and a wingspan of at least three meters.
Local papers gave it the nickname “The Mothman”, and the first observations initiated
a year of unexplainable incidents in the small community. According to the myth, the Mothman were often observed right before plane crashes, car accidents and other disasters. From Point Pleasant to Stamsund After the local iron bridge Silver Bridge collapsed in 1967 there were no further observations of the Mothman in Point Pleasant. 46 persons perished in this accident. However there are reports about sightings of the Mothman other places in the world far in to the 2000’s.
The Unitartd’s fairytale like staging of the play “Point Pleasant”, mainly dealed with the origin of the myth and more or less related incidents in the small town with the same name.

“David Lynch meets Åndenes makt * in a unpleasant Facts on Saturday**” Maja P. Heger
Fatally The American theatre ensemble The Unitards, under the direction of Daniel Fay and Andrew Livingston, delivered a both unpleasant and magic tale about fatal incidents and unexplainable experiences. At Figurteatrets stage, they had meticulously modelled a miniature city, which could be any small town in the world. By the use of go-pro cameras, light and sound effects the coulisse was projected at a big screen, where toy cars, tin soldiers, old fashioned typewriters and historical records functioned as a alive backdrop for a serenely puppeteering among a relatively modest “real life set”. By the aid of expressive puppets and live music the ensemble took their time to explore and play with a mystery that evidently many has spent time pondering on. Scary fantasies and unexplainable phenomenon’s. Technically it was un-doubtfully a brilliant performance, which gave the audience a feeling of being witnesses to a live horror movie shoot. – or a live documentary film recording – depending on how you interpret the events.Without interfering in what’s right or wrong, true or false, The Unitards triggered – by the use of a relatively small cast of characters – scary fantasies and shed a light on how such myths as the one about The Mothman could occur. Or simply how unexplainable phenomenon’s can be experienced
Free scope. It was a show that oozed of creative and experimental unfolding. The result became both an expressly setting description, an unusually complex history telling and an entertaining theatre show put together by many small fragments of information. By mostly letting the audience them selves do the interpretation of the events, the show underlined it’s most sympatic and seductive feature: To give the mystics and sceptics free scope to conclude according to their own perception of reality. Or maybe completely on the contrary.
Review by Maria P. Heger.

* “Åndens Makt” is a TV show where they try to find and repel the ghosts occupying a house or building…** “Facts on Saturday” A TV-show that presented documentaries on prime time Saturday evenings.
Review from Lofot-Tidende Wednesday May 18. 2016.

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